Friday, August 20, 2010

A Triparshva Renku: August 24th, 2010


The Tiniest Pebble

an overcast morning
the tiniest pebble
has a voice / john

your words mingle
with the sound of rain / sandra

above the cottage door,
my fingers probing
for a key / linda

the scent of memory
lies in weathered wood / willie

the frozen moon,
a dullish gleam
in grandfather's eye / takke

but for a yearling's breath
stillness holds the dawn / willie


showing how he ran
for the doorway, the boy
in Batman pyjamas / sandra

above, a redbreast
clings to a pine / linda

engulfed entirely
by the yellow dust
of the pacifists / john

teasingly, a glimpse
of my dragon tattoo /sandra

quick out the back
to the morning train's
clatter and smoke / willie

passing a bottle,
they spoke of their dreams / john

she offers the war hero
another glass of milk / sandra

ink caps sprout in clusters
down the coppice path / linda

up the ladder,
picking the nashi,
picking the moon / sandra

a paper mum
falls from the pages / willie


astir in its depths,
the lake
at its natural rim / john

each star tonight
a tone from the watch night bell / willie

a candle gutters
as the old monk
dips his quill / linda

young painted ponies
leap from stone walls / john

through the rain,
the cherry blossoms move
just a little / sandra

green tea and bird song
to mark another day / john

Completed October 1st, 2010

John Merryfield
Linda Papanicolao
Sandra Simpson
William Sorlien
Shinjuku Rollingstone (guest)

First Place Winner, Journal of Renga and Renku 2010 renku contest