Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Oyster Midden - a triparshva renku


perched upon
the oyster midden
hopeful seagulls / ec

myriad ripples
on a frozen current / b

tourists take snapshots
by the gulf stream / gj

a single organism
pervades the forest floor / b

in heated moonlight,
hairpin turns mark the way
to babylon / gj

the blood in our veins / ec

dried-up rinds
of grapefruit litter
my Monday mornings / gj

paper airplanes
still floating on a dream / ec

darkness so quiet,
only the drip
of melting ice / b

a spindly wallflower
sets my heart abuzz / b

two contortionists
give shape
to the meaning of love / tm

pushing the stroller
footsteps fall in synch / ec

the flight of darts
is all i hear
in couples counseling / gj

lightning clouds change
from the inside out / gj

up all night
the morning glories
duped by a full moon/ ec

a monarch's journey
burdened by early snow / tm

the vortex
gathering all that is
extraordinary / tm

after the rains,
a map drawn in mud / gj

in the end
nothing more than
a roadside altar / ec

bear totem watches
lupine fill the valley/ ec

a single pole
of cherry adorns
the busker's hovel / b

poor old girl
we had to put her down/ ec

completed March 22, 2010

el coyote
turdus migratorius

Our Triparshva renku, The Oyster Midden, has been accepted for June 2010 publication at Notes From The Gean


Tuesday, January 12, 2010



A submissions call for hokku for a triparshava renku of 22 verses beginning with Winter. Members, please submit up to three verses. Discussion will follow.

Reader's comments are encouraged and welcome!

Side 1 - jo - preface

hokku -wi
wakiku -wi
daisan -ns
4 short -ns
5 long -sp/su/mn
6 short -sp/ns

Side 2 - ha - development and intensification

7 long -ns
8 short -ns
9 long -ns/sp
10 short -su/sp/lv
11 long -ns/lv
12 short -ns/lv
13 long -ns/lv
14 short -au
15 long -au mn
16 short -au

Side 3 - kyu - finale

17 long -ns
18 short -su
19 long -ns
20 short -sp
21 long -sp/bl
ageku -sp

(from John Carley's Renku Reckoner)


deep river's ice
the catfish dream
of soaring flight / b

myriad ripples
on the frozen stream
a sudden thaw / b

perched upon
the oyster midden-
two hungry seagulls / ec

picking the sinew
from our teeth-
late winter stew/ ec

northern wind-
a fallen bird's nest
upsets/ unsettles the soul/ ec

charcoal rendering
of the world today
haiti slave ship / gj

hawk on a post
last night's
gargoyle dream / gj

center of the tempest
cold sparrows
in song / gj

whale watching
once again, only the sky
and the sea / rb