Wednesday, June 24, 2009

it's summer
and are you sentimental?
corn again


bandit said...

Cool. We'll post one, the others
are in the inbox, and wait and see who can participate for a shorter renku.
'toque is out of town this week,
and I think maybe coyote is on the prowl or an archeological event. (Digging up bones.) John and I disagree politically, though we both like people in general regardless of their origin, and Robin, well, you know Robin.

bandit said...

Actually, I'm sentimental when it comes to corn-
I was born in No. Kansas City, MO,
and when I was little my Dad and I would make the drive from there to Minnesota to visit my Grandmother.
Dad was a single parent.
Early on, before the Interstate was built, we'd roll up Highway 169, which meandered through rural farmfields and small, picturesque towns alike.
That's where I learned the expression, "knee high by the 4th of July'.
Once in a while we took a train, sleeper cars, even, with a car that had a restaurant. Massive Idaho potatoes and corn on the cob!
Whichever mode of travel, it's a grand way to see a country.

govindajohn said...

Welcome Karin! Way to go!

T.Migratorius said...

Karin- what a great introduction poem! I will look forward to writing some renku with you in the future. Have fun! I love these get togethers!

bandit said...

It may be just the three of us for now. Would you like to attempt a short 12 stanza "junicho" renku or postpone 'til after our green weekend?